Sustainability is a broad concept, but nowadays  it is often associated with the environment. We believe that a sustainable life is possible for our employees as well as the environment and society. As RhineGene, we say that a better world is possible together with the values we strive to protect!


Unique product portfolio, including more than 350 Real-Time PCR kits, covers a wide range of applications for detection, quantitation, and genotyping of pathogens, identification, and screening of genetic disorders as well as food safety parameters.

RhineGene provides turnkey solutions with instruments including automated nucleic acid extraction robots and Real-Time PCR detection systems with absolute dedication to performance and quality.


We act by putting health, and hence living beings, first. We do our best to add value to humanity with our human-oriented work.


  • Health and Welfare

In addition to improving the quality of life of patients with our high-quality diagnostic tests, we also support events attended by healthcare professionals and try to contribute to the healthcare ecosystem by encouraging their participation in such organizations.


  • Welfare of Our Employees

We strive to ensure that the conditions required for the welfare and health of our employees are constantly up to date. We know that happy and healthy individuals add value to society.


  • Growth through Education

We closely monitor the training opportunities required for the personal and professional development of our employees and support the philosophy of continuous learning with training programs specially prepared for them. We continue to learn, research and work with our expert staff, aiming for the best for the healthcare sector.


We embrace that society should treat its individuals fairly in every sense. In this context, we are committed to providing equal opportunities to our employees. In addition, we do not ignore the great contribution of our female employees to the success of our company.


As RhineGene, we will continue to maintain our science, innovation and people-oriented approach as we strive for a sustainable future. Together with you, we strive to build a better world. Thank you for joining this journey with us!