Unio B48

Unio B48 Extraction System

Announcing the Unio B48 Extraction System: Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction Excellence. This robotic marvel swiftly extracts DNA and RNA from various biological samples using magnetic particles, ensuring high-purity, rapid nucleic acid extraction with built-in protocols, robotic pipettes, and pre-filled cartridges, it simplifies workflows while delivering top-tier results.

Elevate your nucleic acid extraction with Unio B48. Contact us to step into the future of precision and automation.


Fully automated extraction with magnetic beads

Two independent 24-sample blocks for simultaneous extraction

Rapid extraction as quick as 18 mins (up to 80 mins)

Integrated UV lamps to prevent cross-contamination

Sample volume: 600 μl
Elution volume: 200 μl

Size and Weight
W:92 cm
D:66 cm
H:92 cm
180 kg